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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments: post a comment! Written on: 21/04/2015 Septcat is really Octcat, she is one reason people have left MD because she is a bully and not well liked at all on that site.

She needs to get professional help so she can learn to be happy without trashing others to make herself feel good.

She jealous of those who have a life and are happy. Pay the money and use the pay dating sites instead. It is in effect a facebook page for obese women with an average age of 55 and a few males who live in their parents' basements and smoke marijuana while ranting about conspiracy theories in tinfoil hats.

Read Full Review Written on: 30/01/2016 You nailed it! He also has an array of fake profiles and lives on MD 24/7. One cutie blog had 59 kudos, I knew that was impossible with so few bloggers left on the MD and she is not the only one would has the need to attack Canadians are the same, Simply Imp and Fayvorite.

These gals are dykes and most men on the site are dweeps who try to convince everyone…

RDL is a sexual predator that has never been banned even though he attacks and provokes every hour on that website.

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