Making an application for dating

I want to hitch my wagon to your star, and this is Step 1.

✓ Increase order frequency and size ✓ Improve customer loyalty ✓ Stay top of mind With your branded restaurant and takeaway app, customers can order food, customise toppings, load previous orders, reserve tables, and make payments - all without speaking to anyone.

✓ Automatically suggest properties to clients ✓ Show properties with image galleries and video ✓ Book appointments without calls and emails You can automatically make location-based property suggestions to anyone using your app.

My parents aren’t around and I’m not allowed to turn on the stove.” What type of food will we eat, assuming we go to dinner?

: Italian Chinese American Southwestern Vegan (yeah…have fun eating alone) Light post-coital snack Chick-fil-a Who needs to eat if liquor is available?

: Me You Sex Sex in public places Butt sex The sexual foibles of ex’s The etiquette of group sex What that slut at the next table is wearing How our parents fucked us up beyond all repair How much everyone around us sucks The epistemological and metaphysical implications of superstring theory The epistemological and metaphysical implications of us having sex The Iron Chef Whether or not Scooby Doo is in fact a metaphor for hallucinogenic drug use This web page Flannery O’Connor’s use of symbolism Herman Melville’s use of metaphor Ron Jeremy’s use of irony Lots of different things “Then, the doctor told me that BOTH my eyes were lazy!

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