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Situated in the heart of Rome's historic city center, the Hassler is one of the best 5 star hotels in Rome.Located on top of the Spanish Steps and minutes from Via Condotti and close to all the famous monuments and landmarks such as the Pantheon, St.

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Tradition dictates that tossing a coin into the nearby Trevi Fountain ensures you will one day return to Rome and the Hotel Colonna staff will endeavour to make sure that when you do, you'll choose to stay here again.

Spacious and elegantly designed as only the Italians know how, guests can relax in a comfortable and tranquil environment only seconds away from the beating heart of this spellbinding city.

Additionally the Hassler Bistrot, at Salone Eva during winter and at Palm Court during spring and summer, offers cocktails and dishes dedicated to genuine Italian and traditional Roman flavors.

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