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" and "One thing my mother would want you to know about me?

") that focus more on their personalities than their looks, and then propose dates that they would like to go on.

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I love having a good time, and up for damn near anything.

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This information — along with data from your profile — is plugged into an algorithm that determines what kinds of dates you're sent via e-mail (every user gets a daily e-mail detailing dates that he or she might be interested in) and which show up on a stream on your homepage.

After answering said questions, users can create a rather barebones profiles (based on quirky questions like "What I would bring to show and tell?

Hence the creative nature of How About We, which just scored $3.1 million in series A funding round led by RRE Ventures (syndicate includes Founder Collective, Thrive, FF Assets and individual angel/entrepreneurs like George Kliavkoff and Scott Kidder).

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