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That's right, you might stumble on Ke$ha tickets in different other websites, yet you will not find discounted tickets particularly when the concerts appears in or in some big showgrounds in and around the country.

Kesha let it all hang out in a sexy bikini selfie on Monday.

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Everyone has heard about Ke$ha through one facet or another.

Recently, she’s been in the news for breaking down in a Manhattan courtroom after a judge refused to release her from a contract with a producer she claims sexually assaulted her.

She has publicly struggled with eating disorders and strives to empower her fans by posting such photos.

The "Die Young" singer unveiled her new slimmer physique on Instagram—wearing denim shorts and revealing tons of skin in a cropped blazer with nothing underneath.

Just over a year ago the 26-year-old was at a less trim point when she was spotted on an Australian beach in an unflattering two-piece that did nothing for her figure.

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