Joe sebok dating leatherman

One could say that's a pure ruse, in much the same fashion that posing as a customer is a ruse.If you demand specificity in the type of ruse being used for labeling someone as a shill, that's your prerogative, but you shouldn't get tilted because people use the term in a completely valid way that doesn't happen to be the same way you use the term.Remember what Obi-Wan said: "Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly upon our own point of view." UB is a shady site, we all know that, playing on it is at ur own risk plain and simple.

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First, he was involved in the poker radio show The Circuit, but the original hosts left after nine months.

Then came Poker Wire Radio, which just recently went under along with the rest of the site.

fa;lhjgd;sfgjdks;fgjsdfg There are many good words to describe Joe Sebok and his relationship to UB, but shill is not one of them.

It's sorta beside the point but it's driving me increasingly crazy that everyone on this forum misuses this word so consistently.

Not to be deterred, Sebok is bringing back the popular radio show along with old friends Scott Huff, Gavin Smith and Joe Stapleton.

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