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no not yet anyway 22 and she's 21.the 2 have really good chemestry. ;) Jesse Mc Carteny and Hillary Duff are NOT dating, I believe.

Jesse l martin dating

Martin is a very sociable, congenial person and he wilts very quickly without relationships with good friends and people to share good times with. Martin thoroughly enjoys working with others on group projects or community activities.

He is quite happy when he is a part of a club, support group or team of some sort. Martin is warmly romantic and he openly expresses his appreciation and love of the opposite sex, though rarely in a crude or insensitive manner.

Sorry ladies...was confirmed by a New York journalist to me that Jesse L. no,they told a reporter that they are just really great friends and will stay like that .

(Charlotte from Sex & the City) but I don't know about now. He is also in an issue of "Out" magazine and is on the cover.

Certainly, Martin's sympathy and concern extends much beyond his immediate family. Martin insists upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people, of both sexes, as he chooses.

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