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The angel guarding the sepulchre asks, "Whom do you seek?

" When told that Christ was resurrected, the women departed joyfully.

I have tried to give credit to specific sources when feasible, but in many cases multiple reference works use the same examples or provide the same dates for common information.

Sometime in the indeterminate future, when Piper’s writing production comes to a conclusion, we plan to publish several additional volumes to complete the set. We have decided not to number [what is currently the final volume of Indexes], but rather to replace it when we publish the full and final edition of the is the definitive academic version to cite.

QUIRE: A collection of individual leaves sewn together, usually containing between four and twelve leaves per quire.

This "gathering" or "booklet" of individual pages would then be sewn into the larger collection of pages to make the entire book.

The prevalance of the quest motif through western culture is incalculable and ancient.

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