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The INTP will be considering future conversations with you, observing you, and trying to maximize the likelihood that you will become interested in return. It would probably shock you to know how much and in what depth.: It easier for an INTP to perform around a small group of people, because the INTP can deliver snippets of wittiness directed at each person in turn and entertain the group without having to focus entirely on any one person.You know will get a person who understands your approach to the world! However, even the most seasoned relationships will see elements of themselves described here.

Once you achieve that important goal, then it's your turn.

Your INTP will be very interested in fairness, understanding, and doing hard work. That's why they learn to suppress it, withdraw from it, and safely pack it away. And we want to make sure that emotion is all about you!

That fact is not meant to suggest that the relationship is all about the INTP.

If you are here in desperation, you want to get on better terms with your INTP first.

It does not just extend to the difference or similarity in individual preferences but goes deeper than that.

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