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That happened when I was 8, as I rode my bike around town with no helmet and was driven to school without the mandatory use of seat belts.However, all of the other NHL goalies not named Andy Brown did wear facial protection and few sporting artifacts meant more to me as a child than the early NHL goalie mask.It was a field trip for my brother's Cub Scouts group, and I rode behind the Webelo wake.

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It had an appeal and gravitational pull that was undeniable.

The creativity, campiness and organic look of early goalie masks helped usher the NHL game into its popular, punk-rock subculture that true fans still long for.

They gave NHL goalies an eerie and creepy look of mystery. The goalie mask remains the most unique piece of equipment in the history of team sports. For an adult in the 1970s, perhaps an "Eyes Wide Shut" reaction.

The goalie mask truly made these men other people, other mysterious things.

Plante went on to revolutionize the mask from his original solid fiberglass cutout to the version worn by many pros in the 70’s.

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