Intimidating and unapproachable cougar dating toronto

No matter how often you choose to indulge your sweet tooth, there’s always that one item you gravitate towards.

And much like music tastes or preferred movie genres, the type of candy you crave can reveal a lot about your personality.

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If you crave these adorably-shaped bites of sweetened gelatin, chances are you’re a little bit of a kid at heart.

You’re an optimist and an extrovert who loves surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people.

You may be conservative, conventional, and serious, and/or maybe sophisticated or very dignified - Your Black represents all of these characteristics well.

Whether you’re the Black Tie Event person, perhaps connected to affluence and success, or choosing to acknowledge Life’s pain and traumas (more of Black’s symbolism), you’re very grounded in powerful communication and possibility.

Implying new beginnings, Your Colour Black is often intimidating, unapproachable or even unfriendly because it exudes Power.

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