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At 4.45pm still nobody arrived and nobody called me so I contacted INTERPARCEL chat again and they reassured me that someone would arrive by 5.30pm.

I googled the courier company to obtain their phone number, I called them directly and they told me that the courier could still arrive as late as 5.30pm.

(My elderly and sick father had to drive himself up separately to his specialist appointment that was 1 hour’s drive away because he was waiting around for the courier that did NOT show up all morning as well so he forfeited his “free” lift from my elderly mother who was going to the same place). Furiously, I had to call the courier company myself directly for the second time.

The courier operator rebooked my parcel in, contacted the driver and gave me a pick-up number and said the driver would arrive within the hour.

Stay tuned to see if it actually gets to its destination, in one piece and when.

Last modified 07-Nov-2019 08:18