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Conformance checkers are not required to recover from parse errors.

For example, let's consider the code: /* So by using = sign we're actualy taking the current value of a variable and we add a new value to it, instead of just replacing it.

The second example could be written like this aswell, if it's a bit easier to understand: */ Same thing applies to string values aswell; plus equal sign takes the current value of the variable and then add the other value at the end, instead of just replacing the previous value of a variable (it's a process known as concatenation, when combining more strings together).

Plus, learn how to use Java Script time and date functions to create features like calendars and countdown clocks, and add interactive content through APIs like Google Maps.

This course is a great jumping-off point for more intricate client-side programming (e.g., mobile apps or highly interactive websites) and server-side programming with frameworks like Node and Backbone.

Learn some basic, real-world uses for Java Script in this course with Joe Chellman.

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