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Instead of being dead, Kurono finds himself trapped in a small apartment along with Kato, a bunch of weird people (including a hot naked girl, a dog, and a middle-school boy who seems to be the only one who knows what's going on) and a large black sphere.

Oku had planned to end the story in 2012, but it ultimately wrapped up on June 15, 2013.

A two-part live-action Japanese movie adaptation was released in the winter and spring of 2011.

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The introduction came on September 3, following Harry and Meghan's three-week vacation in Botswana and Zambia — a "trip of a lifetime," as one source put it — when the 33-year-old prince whisked the actress away to the family's estate in Scotland.

The manga began to improve when Kurono was given a romantic interest and impressive Character Development.

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