How to webcam sex chat in messenger

Recently came back to Windows Phone and I have to say.. Why on Earth would I want yet another app to open and close constantly? Also missing the functionality of pasting from clipboard (screengrabs and such) which works on the website.Please check this page regularly to determine if there have been changes to these Terms of Use and to review such changes.

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Now you can continue to chat without having to close the app and re-open it!!!

(I hope Jamie reads this) The new version of Messenger is a major disappointment to earlier versions: 1) It takes 30-40 seconds to start up the app, before it was not more than 5 seconds.

2) To attach a picture it takes more than a minute to launch the picture library, but sometimes it won't launch at all.

3) Predictive text input mostly doesn't work, like it is not working now as I type this text.

New design is better but there is no transparent tiles so I can't keep it on top of my screen anymore. The only reason I'm adding a review is to tell people about a "bug" that I couldn't find an answer to.

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