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The majority of those taking an Archaeology degree do not intend to work directly in the profession.The main value of archaeological processes and ways of thinking are to do with the intelligent interpretation of insufficient data - something all high value enterprises are struggling with.The 'other' in this case were the Sonqua (Soaqua=San or Bushmen), stockless people who stole from the Khoikhoi.

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Bartolomeu Dias, the first European to sail round the southern-most tip of Africa, saw Khoikhoi herdsmen when he made landfall at Mossel Bay in February 1488.

The crew of the caravel had been at sea since August the previous year and their water had to have been pretty foul by the time they reached the Cape south coast .

Empirical observations and measurements therefore constrain and frame the viable hypotheses which may be adequately derived from the data sets, although questions must always be asked as to why certain criteria (observations and measurements) were applied in order to prevent a degree of bias as far as possible.

Lack of understanding of 'the other', however, is something much more basic and has a lot to do with how we see ourselves against different cultural groups (usually based on ignorance).

In African herding societies, the persons who look after the waterholes are seen as the 'owners', and use by other people requires the good manners to ask permission (and usually a gift).

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