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They have now approached the Tax Persons, pointing out that MOT [unusual transaction reporting] does not work very well.Shorty, over and above his generous salary as a deputy, salted away about 1 million guilders in two years resulting in over 50 MOT reports.

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(This time it took 'em over 2 months to publish 5 months' worth together.) to cause such an uproar they'll just have to climb down. All in all, van der Horst wants to cut 130 million from the government budget; 50 million of that should come from the civil servants.

If he doesn't succeed, it's the pensions that will be cut.

The Scots took the hint, and not a century later they were highly developed, with their engineering and medicine famous all over the world.

So much so that when Japan wanted to free itself from its backwardness, they asked the Scots to help them out. Now, About That Hospital Medical specialists union is glad that finally, a new hospital is in sight.

At least health minister Whiteman doesn't play that childish game and confirms it: "Both PM and health minister are PS members." He can't say if the design is final. PIAS Rosaria has now asked minister Palm to look into the 600k guilders Korpodeko paid out to Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) en FKK Curaçao soccer club, as requested by then PM Shorty.

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