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People can end up on the wrong side of the digital divide because they live in areas that aren’t well served by internet infrastructure or simply because they lack the economic resources to pay monthly access fees.

A San Francisco startup called Open Garden has for several years been trying to gain traction for its modest effort to narrow the digital gap — as well as provide uninterrupted connection for the digital haves.

For the digital haves, Fire Chat offers little more than a novelty feature: the ability to text even when out of range.

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NOTE: Not inside the generated code or under the retranslate UI function, but beneath the import statements at the very topthe server_socket simply sets up the socket, binds, listens and accept incoming messages and connections.

If you noticed, I place some sort of authentication in the server accept function.

“Carmakers are preparing for disruption, so they are experimenting with different models,” Marian said.

Open access to the internet is a hot topic, whether it’s the challenge to net neutrality or the digital divide.

Far more modest than the flying internet hubs Facebook and Google are, each in their own way, proposing, mesh networking extends peer-to-peer communication and it works now.

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