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I'm used to people butchering the pronunciation and spelling of my name. Asian women get a lot of attention from guys, and a lot of it is unwanted.Obviously, where she or her family are from is an important part of her life story.

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Approach her as you would any other person, without specifically drawing attention to the fact that she’s Asian, and let it go from there. Some guys are only attracted to Asian women – something people usually call “yellow fever.” Our brains are wired how they’re wired, and if you have a case of it, there’s not much you can do about.

The fact that you know Medieval Japanese history is actually pretty interesting, but only if you let that fact come up naturally. Just don’t, under any circumstances, tell her about your yellow fever.

Or more likely it’s the typical depiction of Asian women in movies as submissive and always horny. Avoid the mistakes all the other clowns make, and you’ll leave a great first impression.

How to date an Asian girl There is a huge difference between dating an Asian woman if you happen to live in Asia, and dating one whose family immigrated to the West.

You’d be amazed at how creepy and un-self aware a lot of men are when they try to flirt with an Asian girl.

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