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Special Features 275 Topics Readers select the ones they wish to visit.200 Pages (8.5 X 11) An in-depth understanding of relationships.Discussing sex, though, is inherently sexy, which explains why Fifty Shades fans seem to enjoy even the 3,000-word mock legal contract that takes up an entire chapter of this book.

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Over the past month, Fifty Shades of Grey has gone from a passé novel described as the “eighth-grade gurglings” of a horny housewife to a movie production anticipated mostly by dread and boredom and preceded by a self-undermining press tour to an actual movie that actual people are seeing in historic droves—the biggest February movie in American history.

But Ana’s neurotic stream-of-consciousness was the only thing I liked about the books—to the point that I skipped most of the sex scenes.

Dating someone from a different culture is an exciting experience full of adventure, intrigue, and new things, but not speaking the same language can present a few difficulties.

Here we explore what some of those difficulties in these relationships might be and how you can approach them.

Eastern European women are notoriously complex creatures.

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