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As we talked to them about Christmas we could see how much joy and happiness planning their Christmas brought them – we knew we wanted to reflect that in our ad.

“When we saw their reactions to our food – the way it surprised them and made them smile – as well as the incredible pride and attention to detail our product developers had put into creating it, the inspiration for the Imaginarium was born.” Barbour’s 2017 campaign is a sequel to last year’s ‘Gifts They’ll Always Remember’ ad.

), but with the poetic narration by Jim Broadbent, it’s undeniably a sweet advert.

“I think I just peed myself,” says Kevin, after taking a pea bullet to save Katie. Adam Zavalis, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: “We launched Kevin last year with the line, ‘heroes are grown, not born’. Our customers took him to their hearts and enjoyed watching his escapades in the run up to Christmas.

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