Frozen updating screen

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download Once the reset process is complete, the i Phone screen will display the factory default image and show the "Slide to set up" message. When a windows saying "An update to the carrier settings on your i Phone is available. Select the backup you have just created and wait for the restoring process to complete.

If you are asked to upgrade to newer version of i OS, click "Cancel"."Reset".

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However, there are some cases you may need to factory reset i Phone without updating, for example: This article will first shows you how to restore i Phone without updating in 5 steps.

And if your i Phone/i Pad is stuck at recovery/DFU mode, disabled or frozen, Part 2 will tell you how to restore i Phone/i Pad/i Pod Touch without updating in recovery mode.

A quick reminder: the spinning wheel can also be an indicator of general activity, and does not always represent a crash or frozen device.

If you’re updating apps, updating i OS, or performing a task in an app, it’s quite likely you’ll see the spinning wheel as part of normal behavior.

Follow the way below to check whether it works for you.: If you don't want to update to the newest i OS 11.4, you can choose the previous version in the list but if Apple closes the entrance to get that i OS version, you must upgrade at that time.

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