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Contact the company's hardship department or someone like a manager who can actually authorize a credit card settlement or a lower percentage rate.If your credit card account is already in default, it's too late to negotiate lower interest rate. REMINDER: The free legal information the Internet provides is mostly general and usually second rate.

That was also ok until one day while at a red light a semi-truck smashed it up , and that second car was nearly paid off but then it got writen off as well.

Luckily, for the second car I did have insurance, but the insurance company only agreed to pay out the remaining balance on that car loan and so I was again carless.

I am scared to bring it up with my manager because it might mean I will lose my job once they realize what’s been happening, and if I lose my job I will no longer be able to contribute the $2,000 each month toward paying the balance off.

Some people even have suggested I might be up for serious legal problems, and I just feel so stressed out every single day about the situation.

The orginal plan was to use the money for a deposit on a car, and once the car was paid off, I would then have the car as an asset, which I could use as security on a loan, which I could use to pay off the card.

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