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Are these little stinging tribbles really that dangerous?Some people seem to shake a sting off, but others end up in the emergency room. Fortunately, entomologists are curious people, and there is a long, distinguished history of rubbing stinging insects on yourself for science. Justin Schmidt, best known as the author of the Schmidt Pain Index; a ranking system calculated from the agony caused by a wide variety of wasps and bees stinging him during his research.A ____ Nablot3 ____ deflorations ____ BG 041 ____ Masha the bestest scenes ____ New girls Bibigon SAM_0395 ____ Three girls watch cp ____ Moscow - Capture Melanie (9Yo).

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The Hag Moth Caterpillar looks a bit like Trump on a windy day:) on playgrounds.

Even the Banded Wooly Bear can cause a mild dermatitis, although its bristles are not venom-tipped.

The caterpillars turn around and eat their shed skins as they grow – hairy poisonous spines and all.

Each shed results in a caterpillar with more of a fiery, stinging punch.

I asked Hall how much it really hurts: "The pain is a deep, aching pain. If you get stung on the finger the pain radiates up the arm.

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