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Hi, I'm posting this for myself and for my husband, who will read this soon. I feel like I need to try and re-live it a bit, see how it makes me feel and try to decide what to do going forward.

He, of course, said he would be more than happy to make my fantasy a reality. I desperately want to watch my wife have sex with her ex boyfriend Jeff.

She shared her discussions with him with me and I made sure she had my ... My wife is a good woman and was a virgin when we met.

Primarily, it introduced the four common types of punishments, gave some tips on how to begin exploring them, and shared a few specific examples.

I will do the same here with the last category of punishments, that which is most commonly associated with the word, Physical Punishment.

Figured once I poured my heart out might as well make my own blog post about it.

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