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Longer term however, what will potentially be useful is the recording of this data, as well as the analysis of it.As it stands today, Garmin will be recording this data to the .The screen size is increased along with the resolution.

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Finally, note that the Edge 1000 does NOT control the Di2 shifting.

While the Shimano system could actually be enabled to do that down the road, today the Shimano platform is only permitting ‘reporting’ of data.

Unlike some expectations however, the Edge 1000 doesn’t directly replace the 15-month old Edge 810, but rather, is meant to serve as a higher-end tier than the Edge 810 – given its price point of $599.

The unit adopts a new larger and higher resolution screen, first seen in other Garmin products over the past few months, as well as packs in communication technologies such as Wi Fi and full Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

Like all Garmin Edge units it uses the quarter-turn mount system.

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