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He resigned the appointment to become a monk at Cluny in the following year.

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This charter is presumably misdated as Berthold did not become Duke of Carinthia until 1061, and his son Marchese in 1072.

He was promised the duchy of Swabia by the emperor. Heinrich IV King of Germany confirmed the privileges of Basel church in property "in comitatu Berchtoldi in pago Brisichgowi" by charter dated .

Graf Bezzelin & his wife had one child: (-Limburg 5/, bur Hirsau).

The Tabula consanguinitatis Friderici I regis et Adel regin (which provided the basis for their divorce) names "Bertolfum cum Barba" as son of "Bezelinum de Vilingen".

"Heinricus Romanorum imperator augustus" renewed the privileges of Kloster Fulda by undated charter, placed in the compilation with other charters dated 1020, witnessed by "Godifridi ducis, Berinhardi ducis, Thiederici ducis, Welphonis comitis, Cunonis comitis, Kunrati comitis, Ottonis comitis, Adilbrahtis comitis, Bobonis comitis, Friderici comitis, Bezilini comitis, Ezonis comitis palatini"], daughter of ---, patruus of EBERHARD [IV] "dem Seligen" Graf von Nellenburg.

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