Face to face webcam to girls

But there are actually a lot more subtleties involved in photo presentation — many of which I'm willing to bet are utilized in fashion photography and mainstream plus size modeling.

Real talk: Whenever I've met plus models in person — the same models often critiqued for "not being plus enough" — they are often more fuller-figured than many of their images suggest.

Something as seemingly benign as the position of your tongue inside your mouth can make your double chin more or less visible.

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Both of these were actually taken while my partner stood on a step ladder.

Whenever I talk to true selfie aficionados, they usually site their main attraction to this version of self-portraiture as coming down to the ability to control your image.

For this "thin" image, I widened my eyes, put my tongue at the roof of my mouth, elongated my neck, and stuck said elongated neck even more outwards to create more distance between it and my chins. Believe it or not, hardly anything was different in terms of how I angled my face for these two, which is proof of just how different two lenses can be from one another.

As for the second image, this is pretty much how I'd look to most passerby who saw me from a very straight-on distance. For the first couple of years of my life as a blogger, I was using the lens that I took the above "thin" photo with.

In the right photo, I'm intentionally pushing my face inwards towards my neck so that all the fat is more visible.

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