Dustin zito heather marter still dating

Please), but I guess it was more important to tell Abbey and Joe how much progress they'd made because of the time Abbey went to a vegan restaurant and ate some stuff and then when she reported back to Joe on all the food she'd consumed he was like, "Where is it?

Jenn spoke to her -- viz "My sister was murdered [smile]" -- because her resolutely cheery veneer is obviously hiding some real anger. Sure, Joe and Abbey left early (barely, it seems), but Liz started trashing Flav from the first day, threatened to leave a bunch of times, had a breakdown over the confirmation of her pregnancy, and repeatedly called Flav stupid to his face; Flav cheated on Liz, on TV, through several seasons of and, all these years later, still won't give her access to his money even though they have a child together in addition to the one that hasn't been born yet.

And I appreciated how direct she was in general, but especially with Joe. After Joe shat all over the announcement of Liz's pregnancy, Liz and Flav seem to have decided to be on their best behaviour so that he became the house asshole, and why not, he's good at it.

Yes, I know that, after the show, they broke up in real life.

And maybe they'd be ranked lower than this if they'd been in the house longer.

Let's be real: Temple is beautiful and sweet, and Chingy is a hip-hop star (or was, at least, at some point), so they're both going to be fine in the long run.

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