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Peep a few quotes from Jill when you Read the rest of this entry » Congratulations are in order for actress/singer Jill Scott. To see what Jill thinks of her big chestednessssssss click here.

Jill has revealed to reporters that she is pregnant with her first child.

"It was our most successful brunch yet, we raised enough money to school 22 students for an entire year, which includes all school fees plus affiliated items (from supplies, clothing, sleeping bags), along with medical expenses and various activities including a summer camp!

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Once he’s in your [private] box you can get the digits and the hotel room number.”Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe dubbed this type of pre-arranged rendezvous “importing,” telling ESPN magazine in May that senior players compiled a starting lineup of groupies drafted from Facebook and Twitter before away games and flew the women out to the team’s hotels. “Get your ass to the after party and be the sexiest bitch in there! ”* Solution: Try Twitter or add Kik Messenger to your phone.

Time and time again, the public’s prying eyes discover stars’ exploits on social network sites. Last month they posted a screenshot of a Facebook page where two women boasted about an evening with Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick.“Swimming with Michael Vick and cuziie !!! “Athletes, as dumb as they are, have used this forum to add new hoes to their roster,” writes “Mrs.

Do you think Drake and Dollicia make a cute couple?

From Huffington Post: Model Dollicia Bryan has been rumored to be dating everyone from Kris Humphries to Rob Kardashian, but it turns out she’s Drake’s new lady. According to the website, the pair met earlier this year at Bryan’s birthday party.

The Baller Alert chicks also giggled when a woman named Tia dumped NFL star James Davis via her Facebook page in June.“3 kids 3 baby mamas 6th round pick wat the f–k was I thinking.

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