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(From left), Lisa Taurasi, Lucy Rodriguez and Luis Barbosa, all of Worcester, Mass., hold protest signs as they stand across the street from Graham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlors in Worcester, Mass.

on Sunday evening On average, burials cost $6,000 to $10,000, which covers basic services of a funeral director and staff, including the casket as well as embalming and sanitation of the body, according to the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, a consumer advocacy group.

Police say it was Tsarnaev's brother who mowed over his body as he was making a getaway.

As authorities continued searching for a plot to bury the remains, they were repeatedly turned away. Meanwhile, protests continued outside the funeral home where the body was being held.

Miley Cyrus had been hoping against hope that somehow Selena hadn’t heard her slip up, or that she’d only imagined herself saying something so stupid out loud. no.” Miley said, sounding more convincing the second time, “It’s just… “Well I do say so.” Miley said defensively, and then after another awkward silence added, “Besides… This fact was pretty clear to Selena who quietly debated to herself whether she should push Miley further. Then again Miley had arrived early so they could socialise and this was something deeper than typical small talk. ” Selena offered, for quickly adding, “Because like I said, this wouldn’t be.” “Then what would it be? If you stay you might feel confident enough to do it yourself later.

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