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She and Bradley Gregory competed together for two years and were trained by some of the best coaches in the world, something her family could not have afforded otherwise.During that time, they represented Team USA in the British Open in England and at a world competition in Latvia. “I knew I was there for a reason, and I knew that whatever that purpose was, that’s what the Lord wanted for my life, and he recognized in me that dance is what helped me become a better person," Hightower said.… I think that’s why they constantly talk about remembering in the scriptures. It kind of freaked me out and made me realize that I was much further away from the gospel than I should be.

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She was eliminated the week before the show's finale, finishing in sixth place.

Four months later, after touring with the cast of "So You Think You Can Dance," she was invited to appear as a professional on “Dancing With the Stars.” With the transition to Los Angeles and the pressure of the show, she found herself having anxiety and panic attacks, but she poured herself into dance.

I need that strength, and I need the Atonement and God in my life to be able to do what I’m doing, and I had this really clear vision that God had given me all of this.” However, over time, Hightower began to feel tired.

“Being in LA for so long, after a while, it starts to wear on you, and it starts to wear on your perspective of what’s important and what’s not,” Hightower said.

That desire remained throughout her time in Hollywood.

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