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The company was formerly known as SOA Kredit, a non-banking credit organization operating in the Micro and SME (MSME) financial services market in Azerbaijan since 1999.

We fully recognize that the existing ways of doing business and the framework of conceptions, that most of transport companies in Caucasus are operating within are no longer sufficient.

Later in 2014 TBC Bank ownership reached 100% of Bank Constanta.

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Locals who lived the bulk of their lives under Soviet rule spread blankets on the ground and lay out goods they’ve saved from the scrap heap.

The range of items is boggling; it’s priceless antiques next to plumbing fixtures, next to tarnished military medals and handmade crafts.

Pinched closed, you then flip the dumpling over and gingerly bite into its skin, sucking out the hot soup inside before going in for whole bites.

Don’t eat the pinched bit; it’s not always cooked through and is used for staff to later count how many were eaten.

In 1995 the bank was operating with one branch and 29 employees, its total assets amounting to $1.4 million.

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