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plus it was really interesting so i read more than i actually had to..thank you : D I am a Muslim and reading jewish history since last year as an ameteur but let me admit this is the most informative history written with open minds. You mentioned that we have come to the end of this series. Grace What a pity that the histories have come to an end with number 68!

especially i have seen that u have mentioned jews condition in Muslim world with honesty. It has been such a pleasure receiving them and reading them.

thanks, mags I spent two hours trying to find information about what happened in Egypt before Moses and i finally found this website. I depend upon the information you have so generously provided. It is such a pleasure to read and think about the Jewish past which has a great effect on our future.

And in half an hour i had everything i needed, and more. it was comprehensive and easy to understand even for me. I love reading the comments from the many different people and I thank them also.

Crash Course in Jewish History is not only comprehensive and readable, it is also entertaining and enlightening. As a Christian I have always felt that we owe so much to your nation, for it was through you that God spoke and still speaks today. I hope that my stance as a Christian who weeps at the history of the many so-called christians who treated the Jewish nation so badly and so seeks your forgiveness, that you will allow me to be on your mailing list.

Novices and scholars alike will find Crash Course in Jewish History to be thought-provoking and insightful, as well as a valuable and relevant guide to understanding the challenges we all face in the 21 I just finished reading the last Crush Histoty Course no. I loved every one of the courses and I highly recommend it to everyone. in your opinion, why have the jews been so persecuted over the years, and why are we still today? ] million of us and 1 billion of both christians and moslems.

the title of this article looks just like the topis of my studies and work to get the masters degree, thanks for the summary:)If there is anyone who has materials on the subject, I'd be grateful. I always had many misconceptions about the events surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel, and was very pleased to have the historical facts presented to me in such a clear and concise manner. I have read heaps of history before but the way its displayed is so refreshing and informative its forced me to think so much about my heritage and my place in the world. Thankyou for making available this informative description of Jewish history.

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