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This Instagram model, Jacqueline Rose, is "Dominican" but it's very clear she's a recent immigrant since even "criollos" tend not to look like this.

https:// But, overall, DR has similar genetics to Cape Verde but there's more whites and quadroons among the DR.

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I just noticed only 28% of Cape Verde identifies as black.

I don't know much about Cape Verdean immigration patterns but most Cape Verdeans I've met irl were either predominately SSA looking and fell into the same range as New World Blacks or they have had a balanced mulatto or multi-racial look that they're famous for.

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You're more like to run into DR's that look like Guillermo Linares, Rodolfo Rodriguez, and Daisy Cocco De Fillipis for example. In the future, I believe the DR will have more extremes(full SSA's and full Euro's) with a mulatto plurality just like Cuba today. There is almost 1 million first and second generation Cape Verdeans in the U. Mostly from the island of Fogo and Brava overwhelming mulatto.

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