Dating russian women hong kong

Send Message Ref ID:f85754d3-d9b6-465e-9788-5a11de2ef2e3 Indian woman 38 year old just moved to HK...looking for a funloving intelligent gentleman to be friends..interested in a long term relationship..u believe in work hard and play hard and that life's too short to not enjoy it let's get in touch!

Send Message Ref ID:0e6859ea-c730-4e64-83bc-5ff40c6a0d6d A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body, is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us.

I know its very hard to find someone in HK to marry because Im asylum seeker but if you have a nice heart I am sure you wont mind giving me a chance to settle down with you in HK.

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Please get in touch on the hot mail and let’s connect.

Send Message Ref ID:0dc3f273-a051-4274-88f9-d42586a9a255 Hi, I am a local Hong Kong woman who had lived in Europe for a few years. When I encounter challenges and difficulties, I will face it in a positive way.

I am 45, a single happy mom with a 10-year-old lovely kid. My friends all say that I am gentle on the outside and strong inside.

I am gentle, attentive, caring, considerate and easy to get along with others. I value my family, but I have my own professional dream as well.

I love all natural stuff, beaches, animals , forest, camping, traveling..can exchange some emails and know each other from this way. cheers Personal info: 38 decent hk lady (not typically princess nor emotional type) , never been married, no kids. I came to HK 5 yrs ago, escaped from my country because of violence there in Pakistan. I know most people look down on asylum seekers and refugees here but dont forget we are also human beings and more than half of HK people were refugees from long time ago.

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