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An NHS England spokesperson said: “The NHS does fund proton beam therapy in this country and internationally where top doctors say it is advantageous, but it is not proven to be a better treatment for prostate cancer than the best options already available on the NHS.This panoramic photo of Prague, Czech Republic was created from 2600 individual photos.

Mr Graham said his problems started last May when a biopsy at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital confirmed he had prostate cancer.

“When I was first diagnosed they told me my cancer was at a T2, which meant it hadn’t spread outside the prostate,” he said.

Jim Graham, 66, from Newton Flotman, was diagnosed with prostate cancer after noticing spots of blood in his urine last year.

He was told by doctors he faced months of radiotherapy, which could leave him with bowel and bladder problems for the rest of his life.

The historical figure credited with the launch of Prague is Princess Libuse, a visionary prophet and warrior who once stood atop the hill at Vysehrad and made the prophecy as follows, "I see a vast city, whose glory will touch the stars!

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