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Im afraid that sitting back and respecting her not wanting a boyfriend is the WRONG MESSAGE to send her.

Go back and re-read that paragraph until it really sinks in before you continue.

At the same time, she told me that she was also attracted to me, but that she didnt want a boyfriend at that moment. What I don't understand is; why did she say she didn't want a boyfriend and then let everything else happen and was even enthusiastic about it?

One more question she mentioned that she doesnt really want to date anyone from work because of a bad experience that she had in the past. Do you think thats why she doesnt want a boyfriend at the moment? Whenever a girl tells you that she "...isn't ready for a relationship..." or "...doesn't want a boyfriend..." big, green flags should go off in your mind. You'll instantly have your path set and all you need to do is follow it. Ill explain in a minute, but first, you need some foundation.

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