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A lot of buildings were abandoned and there was a lot of lifelessness in the city, especially downtown.The M-Plant, in minimalism, kind of reflected that. You know, like a work of art standing still, suspended in time. Releasing singles such as “Internal Empire”, “The Protein Valve”, “Music Data,” and “Moveable Parts”, “The Pace”, more recently “Range”, “Alpha” and that isn’t even touching his other monikers Floorplan, Monobox, The Vision, etc. "These days I am focussed purely on minimalism and really embracing minimalism, because it’s taken on a life of its own. I would never have imagined that it would take this direction. I saw minimalism in life becoming more and more evident - in furniture, in electronics, in art, in automobiles, appliances - you know I could see that coming.For three years now, she has been involved in a live collaboration with Surgeon, whom she struck up a friendship with.

My father was a jazz musician; he played piano, trumpet and drums. We listened to a lot of Motown – in fact, my grandfather’s first cousin is Berry Gordy.

“I was influenced by my father – I wanted to play trumpet like he did.” Robert’s father tragically died when he was just 6.

It’s got to be something from the industrial factories there.

I’d never really heard a sound like that before and it came from a Roland Juno – it was a chord sound that really went along with my depiction of what Detroit was at that time.

In a short space of time, Patrick Topping has become part of the top tier in dance music.

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