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And even though others look at us and think that we have it it all under control, we know deep down that something missing. I could act like I wasn't hurt by you not calling me back to finish what I considered an important conversation - but it would only be an act.

While we may never watch Lifetime and you'll never find us in the Chick Lit section, we worry about breast cancer and our reproductive time clocks too. I just find it hard to ask for the things that I really want... At this point I simply ask that you don't call me back. Because I don't want to have another one of your infamous circular conversations where I gain no insight from what you say. I guess that's the major problem - I don't (nor have I ever) known where you stand on "us". Love Bastard Date: 1/18/06just got back from class. From: Some Chick Date: 1/18/06My day is going well.

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Because other people's problems are easier to deal with than our own. Because here are the facts: I know as a friend you would have told me to stop f*ck_ng with that person. From: Some Chick Date: 1/18/06Unless you've been playing mind games with a college girl, yes.

But I guess you couldn't see that, since you were that person.... You all don't know what if feels like to have no family to talk to....

These last few months have been beyond hard for me. You all don't know what if feels like to have lost the most important person in your life.

You all don't know what it feels like to be in mourning and not be able to share that loss with your family because that family doesn't talk to you.

You all don't know what it feels like and how much that hurts...

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