Dating hohner guitars

He met Mike Dirnt while attending elementary school, and the two instantly bonded over their mutual interest in music, forming the band Sweet Children when the two were 15 years old.The band changed its name to Green Day, and would later achieve massive commercial success.He is also of Scotch-Irish, English, Scottish, Spanish, German, and Welsh descent.

Egg biography Formed in 1969 in London, UK - Disbanded in 1972 - Reformed in 1974 only for recording sessions One of the first bands from the Canterbury School (SOFT MACHINE or HATFIELD AND THE NORTH), EGG was a trio consisting of...

Dave STEWART on organ, piano and tone generator, Mont CAMPBELL on bass and vocals (also organ, piano and French Horn), and Clive BROOKS on drums.

Canterbury band that released three organ-prominent albums.

"The Polite Force" was EGG's second release, and was better developed musically from their debut, a style that was carried on to the subsequent "The Civil Surface".

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