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It’s not an interview First dates that turn into formal interviews are just a bit of a libido-killer.

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Because once you’ve clicked and start to warm to each other, it doesn’t matter how good your dating etiquette is. Had he been getting the rules to navigate the minefield of Jewish dating, he’d still be up there, chiseling away on the tablets, beset with RSI.

Jewish dating makes no sense to non-Jews, and is barely comprehensible to those of the faith. Even the most irreligious pork pie-munching Jew has a nagging inner voice (in the key of a disappointed shrugging grandma) whispering ‘Why don’t you try dating a little Jewish? The perennial complaint from Jewish women is that dating is an endless procession of Oompa-Loompas. Female friends report guys turning up on dates a good six to eight inches shorter than their stated heights – others have Cuban heels bordering on circus stilts.

If more than one has been consummated, it’s not looking good.

If a close family member – such as a sibling – has been there, then you’re on thin ice.

The internet means always having to say you’re sorry When you meet someone you like, you don’t tell them straight away about every mistake you’ve made, all the stupid things you’ve said or the worst haircut you’ve ever had.

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