Dating game shows of the 90s

Meanwhile back on ITV, the unashamedly highbrow University Challenge was perhaps the most surprising hit of the decade.

Early attempts were made at high-tech gimmicks, such as the Telebow in The Golden Shot - a show that reached popularity when it was moved into the traditional graveyard slot of Sunday afternoons.

The introduction of a second BBC channel in 1964 did little to alter the outlook, since it had been created to provide alternative higher-brow programming than mere quiz shows, and for several years Call My Bluff was the channel's only game show of any note.

It wasn't until near the end of the decade that the BBC finally came up with a hit game show in the somewhat low-brow form of Jeux Sans Frontiéres.

The long list of hit shows during this decade included Criss Cross Quiz, Dotto, the The 64,000 Dollar Question, Concentration and Twenty-One.

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