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'Before that, the casinos used to subsidise the entertainment because they knew they'd get their money back at the tables.

But Elvis changed all that and drew the big players in.

Songwriter Mike Stoller tells Sunday's BBC2 documentary, Elvis In Vegas, that singer and city were 'a match made in heaven'. 'Elvis wanted to prove a point after the movies,' says Jones.

He says: 'There was a coolness factor, a hip factor. Fontana, recalls: 'We were a little afraid of going in there in the first place. 'I was one of the few solo artists around who was still successful, so in 1968 he'd come to Vegas to watch me perform and see my body movements, which he had always been known for, too. He loved it when he was great and who could blame him? He lost his desire to be Elvis Presley.' Thanks to him, Vegas quickly became an oasis of indulgence.

Presley is still remembered by veteran staff at the hotel for his love of chocolate dessert.

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