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We feel safer, more secure, and more knowledgeable about dating a coworker than, say, someone we meet at the local bar on a Saturday night…. The modern-day office has taken the place of church, neighborhood, and family networks in bringing people together.

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But most companies operating today recognize that attempts to neutralize or forbid office romances are probably doomed to failure.

"Concerns about invading individuals' privacy—as well as the recognition that, human nature being what it is, people are going to get involved with their co-workers no matter what their companies dictate—lead some employers to throw up their hands in despair," noted Judy Greenwald in Business Insurance.

Finally, feelings of attraction between coworkers are inevitable because of human nature.

As one executive told Mainiero, "You don't turn off your feelings of sexual attraction just because you're walking through an office door.

One reason for the increase in workplace romance, she contended, "concerns security, old-fashioned comfort, and safety.

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