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Oftentimes they are good looking young guys that couch surf and bum a ride off someone or beg for free stuff.Homeless Millennial Survives By Picking Up Women Every Night https://

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"Hi Sandman, I moved to the left coast in the late 1990's and became a street performer.

I started noticing even in my first few years that the women I was around were constantly rejecting me in favor of homeless guys, addicts, hoodlums, etc.

He would make them to pretty erotic stuff to one another, he told the parents, this is just "modern art''.

He was just filming fapping material for later Speaking of fapping, my aunt said she caught him tapping to child porn once, she said he saw her.

She was the local whore IN 86% AM Anonymous (ID: Muhd7K 04/11/17(Tue) No.120605711 120604963 Plenty of more stories mate At one point She slepped on the table, because they couldn't get the dogs out the bed My father went there once and they gave him to eat salami and cheese.

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