Dating a crack addict

If you make him happy, and walk on eggshells, and do everything right. There will be plenty of people there who either are in, or have been in your situation. Al-Anon might be okay for you but many at those meetings might advice you to separate from such a Man and I do not believe you need to do that.

This is a human compulsion, which he is not able to control, as much as a part of him truly wants to. Take that energy, you are staying up all night worrying about him, Take that energy, you put into trying to make him happy daily, take the energy you felt, when he stole from you. The drugs (particularly like crack) give the user a spiritual feeling and that is the true addiction in that the user is seeking the feeling of getting closer to the thing - the thing we call God. Believe me, he doesn't go out, and light candles and say NOVENA's when he's with his buddies. It's a compulsion and addiction Hi Sandy, I agree completely with the statements above, except for Booky's.

Its so easy fro him to just walk away while i sit here and worry I love him and want to help him. The depression is a " Catch 22." It's caused from the drugs. While I still loved my husband, I couldn't allow his addiction to ruin my life. He lies, he steals, he probably does other things you're not even aware of.

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I fear for his safety and that he is going to end up dead.

It seems i wait for the call just to know he is ok and when he calls I feel so muchbetter but it is only temporary and then Im scared and consumed by it again.

He really just needs some direction or guidance and the only true motivation for any long lasting and healthy recovery is to get the addict to seek after the truth and thus seek after God, so if you get the chance then put some religious materials around that he can stumble into - that is my opinion and my own advice. I encourage you to listen (since you asked for advice)to those of us who have found relief through Al-anon from the devastation that occurs in relationship to a practicing addict or alcoholic.

I say from the given info that he is rather blessed to have you in his life and there is a higher power called God that watches over us all. The process of recovery is the same for the person deeply affected by another person's using or drinking.

It has helped me, I am no longer with my recovering crack addicted not because of AL-non it might have saved us I just joined a little to late. Until he chooses recovery, he will use you, exploit you, betray the relationship and himself, and you will become more codependent and sick.

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