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But despite the controversy and graphic nature of this show, it seems the producers are clearly doing something right as we can't get enough of it.This show was so X-rated it caused chaos off-screen – particularly for a certain former Miss Great Britain.The concept is a little bit like except rather than judging potential suitors on their answers, contestants base decisions on their naked bodies.

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Judge for yourself after checking out our list of the most X-rated homegrown shows to have ever graced our screens.

Needless to say, some of these clips aren't safe for anywhere.

These shows and a number of others (usually also competition-based) became global franchises, spawning local versions in dozens of countries.

Reality television as a whole has become a fixture of television programming.

It addresses every single question you can possibly think of when it comes to sex, which can make for uncomfortable viewing. Being locked up in a house with no contact with the outside world must be tough. The producers cut away at the last second, and she denies going "all the way".)As for all the sex scenes, we've lost count of how many housemates have gotten carried away in front of the cameras. There's pretty much nothing these reality stars won't do on camera.

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