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So, if such Christians understand 2 Corinthians to be saying that a Christian should not marry a Non-Christian (though that passage apparently pertains to avoiding idolatry – it’s not meant to be marriage advice), they may feel they want to “honor the Lord” by following that command, come hell or high water.

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To paraphrase the comments by one Christian woman I saw: She said she was in two failed marriages, to two different complementarian Christian men who abused her, she divorced both of them, and is now happier single.

She also raised the good point that if one applies the “good or bad fruit” to complementarianism, all one will find in complemenarian marriages for a lot of people is bad fruit: depression, physical abuse, power, control, spiritual abuse, etc.

(Because “Equally Yoked” does not protect Christian single women from marrying abusive men, or men who are serial adulterers or insensitive jerks.) Some of these Christian women I’ve mentioned in the previous post, and in this one, were judging these self-professing Christian men by their “fruit,” as Jesus says to do in the Gospels.

These men showed the outward signs of being “true” believers, but they were actually rapists, physical abusers, or sleazy operators. He gave all the signs of being an honest to goodness, real, Christian (I mentioned him in a previous, separate post): Christian volunteer charged with killing wife and daughters, 7 and 8 December 23, 2017 A man described as a devout Christian who volunteered at a local church was charged this week with killing his wife and two young daughters after their bodies were found in a home in western Canada.

(Yes, this Christian rapist had favorite Bible verses he liked to quote at his rape victims and at the judge in the court room.) If God exists, and God was really all that keen on ‘Equally Yoked,’ in regards to dating and marriage, then why is the God of the Bible not providing a decent, Christian man to marry for every Christian woman who wants to marry one?

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