Cheryl burke dating chad

Several Filipino Americans have made important and notable contributions to the American culture, politics or society, American media, music and movie industry.

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Sarah told the woman: 'Looks aren't everything hun believe me.'After the fan replied saying, 'I'm his neighbour', Sarah shot back: 'I'm his girlfriend, or soon to be ex lol so cheers for clarifying.'Eagle-eyed fans pounced on the comment, asking: 'Why is it soon to be ex?

' Sarah left them further in suspense as she responded simply: 'Go figure.'Chad's representative declined to comment on the claims at the time.

The former Girls Aloud star confirmed the news in a statement, revealing that their transatlantic romance was too difficult to maintain.

She confessed: 'It is with sadness that I can now confirm my relationship with Chad is over.

And her revelation came shortly after it was reported that he was using dating app Bumble, despite the new couple claiming they were in love with one another.

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